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Production elements


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Production elements

Royalty free audio production elements and manufactured sounds librairies are listed below.

  • Background All the long sound design you need like drones, bed, stinger and also sonic and thematic textures
  • Button Button production elements are usual short sounds for web menu and video game (ok, cancel, delete button...).
  • Cold shower Cold Shower sounds are short and dynamic sound effects that make you startle ! All the Cold Shower production elements are in wav format.
  • Flop All the Flop sound effects and production elements with funny effect
  • Noise Noise production elements are electronic manufactured sounds with rythm sequence, futur style, alien
  • Percussion Percussion instruments sound effects : gong, bell, xylophone, glockenspiel, chime, sleigh bell...
  • Pop up & out Pop Up and Pop Out sound effects are short sounds useful for opening and closing windows, chapters or web pages
  • Punch Punch production elements are synthetic impact and movement sound effects for dynamic transitions and sound design
  • Reinforcer Reinforcer sound effects are like short drones, audio elements usefull to strenghten thrilling atmosphere.
  • Sound fx pack This library contains thematic packs of production elements available for instant download. You can already find a Trailer SFX pack and soon Sci-fi, Hi-Tech, Thriller packs
  • Static Static production elements are sounds with electrostatic elements like magic sparks, stars rain, electronic cracking.
  • Sweeper Sweepers production elements are sweeping musical sound effects, ideal for transition, passage toward something else.
  • Whoosh Whoosh production elements are non musical sweeping sound effects - Blow or whistle for fast movement and dynamic transition hit