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Sound effects

Royalty free sound effects, foley and ambiences online libraries for professionals - Royalty free sound effects in wav (BWF) format.

  • Animal 335 animal sound effects : farm animals, pets, birds, insects, cry and call of wildlife animals
  • Background interior Interior background and interior ambience sound : shop, culture center, bar and restaurant, museum, workplace and industry site sound effects
  • Cartoon 124 cartoon sound effects and foleys : twang, boing, jump, fall, cartoon animals and cartoon cars, ...
  • Celebration The Celebration Sound Effects Library includes the sounds for Christmas, new year, birthday party, banquet and cocktail, fireworks and firecrackers, amusement park and more.
  • City The City Sound Effects Library shares all the sounds of small town to big city, period city backgrounds, urban environment and specific cities sound effects sets like Paris, Venice or New-York City.
  • Communication The Communication Sound Effects Library presents the communication and transmission devices sound effects, antique to modern : phone, war radio, talkie-walkies, iphone...
  • Construction and gardening The Construction and Gardening Library shares the tools sound effects, electricity, working and do-it-yourself ambiences and sound effects.
  • Country The Country Sound Effects Library includes the sounds of countryside, wildlife, rural and natural environments, from barnyard to forest and wood.
  • Demolition The Demolition Sound Effects Library includes all the sounds of broken elements, desaster and destruction sound effects, from wood, glass, rock and metal.
  • Door All the door sound effects : glass door, wooden door, garage door, gate and door keys sound effects.
  • Fire The Fire Sound Effects Library includes all the fire, fireplace ambience , cracking fire, lighter and match sound effects.
  • Heroic fantasy The Heroic Fantasy Library presents the sound effects and ambiences from Middle Age to fantasy universes, from objects to fantasy creatures, dragon, dinosaur.
  • Home The Home Sound Effects Library includes all the sounds of everyday life and room tones : household, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom sound effects and also drink and food sound effects
  • Horror The Horror sound effects library presents all the creepy and spooky sounds for drama, horror and suspense. It includes monster sounds, ripping flesh, dripping blood, torture, guillotine, ghost, poltergeist and Halloween sound effects...
  • Human The Human sound effects library includes all the natural sounds produced by humans, man, woman and child, from caught to cry, laught to illness, footsteps and applause, shout to spoken words.
  • Machine The Machine Sound Effects Library presents industry and machines sound effect, camera, computer, elevator sound effects and many more SFX.
  • Metal The Metal Sound effects Library includes all the metalic hits, falls and creakings sound effects.
  • Office Office sound effects Library presents the sounds you can hear at work or at school : reading, writting, paper sounds, office machines and tools ...
  • Plastic The Plastic Sound Effects Library includes the hit, creaking and falling sounds effects from plastic objects.
  • Science-fiction The Science-fiction Library includes all the space and futuristic sound effects and ambiences, all the sci-fi sound design : spaceship, laser weapon, teleportation, spacecarft, city backgrounds.
  • Sea The Sea sound effects library shares the sounds and backgrounds of hollyday beach, harbour, ocean, waves, lake.
  • Sport The sport sound effects and sport events backgrounds are classified by sport discipline families : motorsports, team sports, water sports, racket sports, fight sports, winter sports and equestrain sports
  • Textile The Textile Sound Effects Library includes all the sounds of clothes, zipper, luggage, flag...
  • Toy and Play The Toy and Play Library presents the sound effects of child toys, bar games and arcade games, school play...
  • Transportation airplane Small, big, fighters and supersonic airplanes sound effects and also tarmac and airport backgrounds.
  • Transportation auto 344 Automotive sound effects : sport car, antique car, traffic, horn and car models series (Hotchkiss willis, 2CV...).
  • Transportation boat The Transportation Boat Library shares all the boat sound effects like large ship, steamboat, seaport, steam whistle, barge, canoe, sail boat, pass by and onboard sounds, and also fog horn sound effects.
  • Transportation misc The Transportation Misc. Library includes the sound effects and ambiences like bicycle, helicopter, motorcycle, moped, truck, military vehicle, tractor and forest equipment...
  • Transportation train 356 Train sound effects with all kinds of train from modern subway to steam train, street car to passenger train and also goods train, journey, locomotive, station anouncements and platform backghrounds...
  • Water All the water sound effects like water drop, water splash, water bomb and gurgling, spray, stream, river, waterfalls, bubbles, water jet sound effects
  • Weapon and explosion The weapon and explosion sound effects library presents weapon sounds, explosions, war scenes and fighting backgrounds.
  • Weather Weather sounds and natural elements sound effects : wind, rain, thunder, snow, hearthquake
  • Wood All the wood sound effects, all the sounds made with wood props. You will find a lot of foley like wood hit, squeal, creaking and break